The Dragon of Kveldmir…and more

Several years ago, I published my first short story, the Dragon of Kveldmir. The initial idea was that it would be the first of a collection of short, stand alone, fairytales something along the lines of what is found in Andrew Lang’s Red & Blue Fairy Books.

So much for that.

I’ve the last couple years, as I’ve worked on other stories and tales, Dragon has been slowly pulled into their orbit to become part of the larger tale of Karik. As I learned more about the world of Throlf and Heinvar, it necessitated a rewrite. The conflicts that shaped Throlf’s youth came into focus, as did the origin of his famed sword, Farndrang.

Thus the second edition of the story was born. I feel it is not only a slightly bigger story but a better one as well. The more I know as author about what is going on ‘outside the page’ so to speak, the more I understand the characters and the settings they are in.

While The Dragon of Kveldmir is only tangentially connected to Karik, the second story is more directly a part of Karik’s tale.

Black Isles, which is available for pre-order now, is an adventure story narrated by the main character, Alvar, as he attempts to survive his first raid across the vast open seas. He must survive storms, enemy patrols, and his own fear to not only come back alive, but

to prove his worth to the men around him.

My stories focus on characters who are often trying to find their place in a world that has bigger concerns than them. It is rare for a person to be a ‘chosen one’ or ‘the one who was promised’. I think that some of the most important people in history have been great simply by doing their job and meeting a need that presented itself.

Dragon of Kveldmir is available on Kindle at the link below, and Black Isles will be available September 13th. I hope that you enjoy them. I have a third in this series which will be coming out in another month, so stay tuned!


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