Karik’s Saga is Coming Soon!

I am happy to announce that starting next Wednesday on the 13th , I will be releasing the first chapter of Karik’s Saga! Set in a fictional world, Karik’s Saga is the tale of a a people not unlike the vikings of the 9th and 10th century as they attempt to build a life out of the ice and rock of their homeland. It is also the precursor to the Blades of Karik series which I have previously released on Amazon Kindle.
When this COVID-19 business started, I had the idea that since a lot of people were being stuck at home, they might be looking for something to read. I figured that putting something out for free in a serial format might be fun, a way to give people a new story while also giving me time to put that story together.
So I looked through my projects to see what would best fit the bill.
The project I’ve been working on for the last year didn’t fit the bill for numerous reasons, the main one being that it didn’t lend itself to being broken up into the serial format.
Karik’s Saga however, has been sitting in a drawer for several years, gathering dust and occasional other pieces as the story has grown and spread to include numerous other heroes and stories. So I dusted it off and got to work.
The idea was to have it out while everyone was stuck at home, but at the moment, things appear to be looking up. Fingers crossed that we’re out of the worst with this virus, but if you are looking for a reason to stay home, hopefully this works!Tale of Karik Map

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