Squat Every Day by Matt Perryman

51N6d2SWzrLSquat Every Day by Matt Perryman is one of my favorite books on training in general. The book is excellent because Perryman avoids the trap of so many books/articles on working out by saying right off that there is no one program that is right for everyone. Your ‘perfect program’ is determined by 1) your goals. Are you training for competing, fitness in a particular job, or just be healthier. 2)Your commitments. Is weightlifting your primary commitment? Unless you are a single, Olympic competitor, probably not. Your other commitments such as family, work, etc. all play a role in how much time and effort you can put into training, recovery, and diet. 3)Body type and composition. Some people gain muscle easily. Some don’t. Some get a better response from Squatting heavy five times a week. Some don’t.
Perryman’s book is aimed at those who are stalling out or are getting beyond the beginner stage. It is less of a ‘Thou shalt train this way’ and much more of an informative work that says “here are factors that effect your training. See if tweaking this or that helps.” He also points out that our body is not a machine, but an ecosystem that responds to the stresses that are placed on it, like fires in a forest. Small fires, appropriately timed, can create a stronger, healthier forest while an all destroying wildfire takes A LONG TIME to recover from.
All in all a very good and helpful book.