Welcome to Books & Barbells! It’s an odd pairing on the surface, but they are two sides of the same coin.

Books and Barbells represent what I see as the two pillars of growth, learning and doing. Endless learning profits no one, endless words that are exhausted and pass away on the wind. Endless doing creates stagnation and leaves us broken down with no understanding of where we are or how to grow.

Books have shown me much over the years, they have inspired me to do new things, seek strange places, and wonder at hidden secrets. Old words and new words, famous words and forgotten words have shown light on my struggles and efforts. I have been able to do so much because of what I’ve learned in books. There is a mysterious magic in books that stirs the bloods, sharpens the eye, and quickens the mind.

But the barbell is not without its own gift. There is a magic there also, a wizardry of steel and iron, a power that has taught me as much as any book. There are no cunning arguments that will avail you against the barbell. You move it or you do not. The iron does not lie, and its lessons sink deeper into the mind when driven there by the weight of the barbell than when whispered with the brush of a page.

So, this is my journey through steel and stone by book and bone.  I’ve spun a tale or two I hope you’ll enjoy, and maybe one of the lessons I’ve learned will help to light your way.