Karik’s Saga

Welcome to the dark and cold island of Vrania! Karik’s Saga is the tale of Karik Haldsson and his companions as they attempt to hew a life out of their isle and find a way to end the starvation and death that haunts their people.

This Saga begins almost thirty years before the short stories of the Blades of Karik series, and you’ll quickly recognize a few of the names here. If you haven’t read them yet, all three books, Dragon of Kveldmir, Black Isles, and Sons of Karik are available here on Amazon Kindle.

Karik’s First Battle

Part I: In which Karik and his companions are sent out from their village and seek out a place where they may survive the winter.

Part II: In which Karik learns the secret of the village.

Part III: In which Karik seeks a way to slay a dragon.

Part IV: In which Karik and his companions test themselves against an ancient dragon.